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Host your Custom Fortnite Contests On GamerzArena: New Platform Features

As many of our current members know, we’ve been working on expanding the custom contests feature of GamerzArena for quite some time. Based on feedback from our community, we’re now hosting separate console only and PC only Fortnite contests for a limited time. This means that the prize pool for these specific contests will be limited to their respective systems.

You are also able to utilize GamerzArena for custom contest hosting and define all these settings yourself.

  • Sign up with Twitch so we can capture and score your entry. To enter a Gamerz contest, you must have a live broadcast.
  • Browse our Arena page to find your ideal contest, Wander into the Watch page to check out live entries, or Hop into the discussion on Discord
  • Before entering a contest, make sure you read the rules slide under Contest Details to avoid disqualification. Or create your own contest and rules by visiting www.gamerzarena.com and clicking “custom” on the navigation bar once you’ve signed up and signed in.
  • Start your stream, then click “enter contest” to begin your entry: You’ll see a confirmation message that lets you know you’re in. A countdown timer will let you know how much time you have left.
  • Finish your entry or stop streaming: We’ll send you an email when your entry has been scored along with your current rank in the leader-board. You may be limited to a set number of re-entries.
  • Bring home the bacon: Once a contest ends, we’ll credit the accounts of those who finished in the money on the leader-board..

Be sure to jump in and claim your share of the prize pool.





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