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How to Enter the 2 Week CZT Black Ops III Zombies Gauntlet: Nov 24th – Dec 7th

If you haven’t heard already, GamerzArena is co-hosting a Black Ops III Zombies Gauntlet for 2 weeks with CZT (COD Zombies Tournaments). For those of you new to the GamerzArena platform, scores are captured utilizing your twitch stream, and automatically sorted into our dynamic leaderboard.

Direct Contest Link: https://gamerzarena.com/arena/call-of-duty-black-ops-iii/contest/yD6M

Why are GamerzArena Leader-boards Dynamic?

GamerzArena is a unique platform hosting both free contests, and large pool contests with entry fees. Leader-boards facilitate prize disbursement, and with more entries, the prize pool grows, making it “dynamic”. This is a platform where you want to encourage your friends, their friends, and their friends friends to compete. Join today and earn your share of the prizes.

Back to the Contest (Rules)

  • Solo – High Rounds – Kino Der Toten
  • Classic “GobbleGums”
  • You Must Start Your First Entry In The Pregame Lobby Or Your Entry Will Be Disqualified.
  • Players Must Be Live In An Entry On GamerzArena During Any Live Gameplay!
  • You May Restart The Game Until You Get Perfect Box!
  • You May Take Breaks And Set Your Console Or PC To Rest Mode, However, You Must Re-enter On GamerzArena In A New Entry Before You Resume Gameplay. You Are Allowed To Have Multiple Entries To Exceed the 12 Hours!
  • You Must Show Your Kills Before You Take Your Break And Show Your Kills Once You Resume Your Entry To Ensure You Did Not Advance During Your Break.
  • We Will Update The Leader-board To Reflect The Round You Are On, After You Finish Your Entry On The Site.
  • You Are Allowed Multiple Attempts In The Gauntlet.

    Brought to you by (CZT) CoD Zombies Tournaments!




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