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Zombi: one of the hardest survival games to date

Recently I downloaded “Zombi” for Xbox one as part of the xbox “games with gold” promotion. This title had some dust on it (originally launched in 2012 for the Wii U, but ported to Windows, Xbox one and Playstation 4 in 2015) but I was pleasantly surprised at the engaging story-line and the actual experience.

Zombi is a first-person, survival/horror game (emphasis on the horror) set in London during a fictional outbreak in 2012. You take control of a survivor tasked with finding a cure for the infection by the mysterious “prepper”. A gentleman kind enough to grant you access to his safehouse, who doesn’t have any qualms about sending you right back out into the fray.


One of the first things that I noticed playing this game that set it apart from other similar titles is the fact that it’s so much easier to die. In Zombi, you’re not playing as a former soldier, with hand to hand expertise, and a degree in firearms. You’re using an average everyday citizen with regular attributes, and you have to plan engagements carefully or risk losing it all (and you can). When you die, you lose all items and are given another survivor to play, that spawns at the original safehouse. It’s your duty to locate your previous character (who’s now zombified) and take them out in order to collect your gear. Based on your previous characters level, they may be very hard to take down, especially if you only have the standard cricket bat in your inventory. One bite can kill you, and if you’re for some reason not satisfied with the insane difficulty, you can opt for the survivor mode, where you only have one life, and dying means a hard stop to your campaign.


It’s great to come across a title every now and again that’s challenging and forces you to think a little outside the box. I think the developers worked hard to create an ongoing sense of dread/stress that’s only alleviated by the occasional safe room. Since we had so much fun picking this title back up again, we decided to launch a contest on GamerzArena to find the toughest survivor. Check out our contest and rules!

And if you need the game, you can get it for free on xbox “games with gold” until february 15th!



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