Casual to Competitive: The Evolution of the Modern Gamer

Countdown. Boots on the ground. Bullets whizzing by your ears. Adrenaline rushing from your head to your fingertips as you push forward. Outside noises disappearing as you become more immersed in the battlefield. The tension of your first enemy encounter – the thrill of online gaming realized.

Most of us started our gaming lifestyles in similar places: breaking bricks, collecting rings, saving princesses, dodging barrels, you name it. Whether it be a dark and dingy basement, or a bright and shining living room, we have come to nurse our habitual gaming into something greater than ever before. We have practiced and practiced, always trying to improve and relentlessly striving to reach glory amongst our friends and family. And now the field has expanded; we are riding a wave of excitement that is the world of competitive multiplayer. We can’t help but see how we size up against the best in our favorite games. We can’t help but think that we could better. Now we can try to prove it. Those who have continuously searched for a way to make video games an inherent part of their lives can now find solace in the realm of eSports.

With eSports, we now have a platform to express our love for video games at the most competitive level. This gaming landscape provides opportunity for prizes, celebrity status, and endless memories with both friends and competitors. We provide the gameplay, the emotion, and the strategy. We have transitioned from isolated household gaming into an online brotherhood of bustling talent. Our thoughts and skills can now be put on display for everyone to see – for everyone to talk about. As an online gaming community, we admire the bold, take pride in wins, and taste bitterness in defeat. And in our thirst to enhance our skills, we find video games changing from casual activity to competitive pastime.

Our goal here at Everyday eSports is to get you, our peers, involved in the conversation. We want to hear your input on how online gaming has impacted you: your stories, thoughts, passions, videos, anything that crosses your mind in the world of gaming. We aim to create an online arena where you can post your thoughts and start a dialogue with people who find enthusiasm in gaming. Post your thoughts in the comment thread and see where the conversation goes!


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