Results of the Strong Esports Apex Legends Invitational Tournament



The inaugural Strong Esports & GamerzArena Apex Legends Invitational tournament is in the books and we’re thrilled with the results!

First of all, I want to take a minute to say thank you to Strong Esports for stepping up and throwing their weight behind this one. It’s partnerships like this that makes GamerzArena uniquely successful in our pursuit of being the goto place for earning money competing in online esport tournaments. With their help, we were able to hit some pretty impressive figures.

In the qualification tournament, we had 1139 entries, which totals over 5000 hours of gameplay! Crazy!

Here is the thing about GamerzArena that makes us different. Do you know why we get you to stream your matches on Twitch? We do that so we can verify each and every round to make sure the rules are adhered to. Every round is run through our proprietary AI system, it’s like an all-seeing eye that makes sure that everything is above board.

No, it’s not Skynet… yet, though we’d evaluate that as an option should John Connor ever return our calls, we hear he’s got an in there.

This AI method enables us to score thousands of rounds when we need to without breaking a sweat. We’re the only platform employing this method to ensure cheaters do not prosper and reward good gamers with great prizes.

This also means that we never inadvertently invite cheaters to invitationals.

Now on to the invitational!

We brought 4 teams of GamerzArena players to a battle with the pros and they did well, in fact, we might just have to put together a GamerzArena Pro team one day… seems our bench runs deep!

Team Liquid took home the top spot and $750
World Best Gaming grabbed second place and $250
Team Bubbles and Pomp Moscles tied for third place which left Cloud9 to bring home 5th.

The best part of this was seeing how these pros work together as a team, it goes much further than simply letting your mate loot first; when a player was knocked down or out of ammo (TIL that’s a thing when you don’t die right away as I do) they worked together to protect that player. Like a herd of wildebeest protecting an injured member or sympathetic fans protecting a lone Toronto Maple Leafs fan at a Chicago Blackhawks game.

They kept each other alive, every one bearing as much damage as they could to spread out the effect of the attacking forces so that one person does not absorb a critical amount.

It still hurts, but they survive, heal and take the fight back to them. A sort of tennis match if you will, volley after volley until someone makes a mistake.

Big thanks to Team LiquidSpacestation Gaming,  Cloud9 and NobleGG for taking part and we look forward to the next time we can bring our best to battle with the pros!

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