AJ Green – COD Blackout Tournment!

Alright, Gamerz! Here’s what’s up this week! We have an exceptional tournament where you can try to beat AJ Green of the Cincinnati Bengals.

That’s right AJ Green is going to be competing in the Blackout Quads Tournament for a chance at $2500

That’s right $2500.

This is a quads format tournament, with individual kills counting. Easy right? You should have this one in the bag.

This tournament is available on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC
We’ve got you all and wanted this to be the biggest tournament yet!

So tag your friends, get your squad back together and jump into this tournament and bring home some holiday cheer.

And by Holiday Cheer I mean cash and by cash I mean your share of whatever you can grab for yourself.

AJ’s streaming this all at (https://www.twitch.tv/adrielgreen18), he’s hilarious to watch, and with him sidelined with an injury he’s sure to rack up some hours so make sure you subscribe.

He’s going to be making clips during this tournament and you don’t want to be in one of his clips where he’s getting one over on you. Be in the clips where you’re beating him!

Don’t be last and whatever you do, don’t lose to AJ.

Ho Ho Hold up!
There’s more! We’re going to select a player at random, who has at least one scored round, to receive a GamerzArena “Secret Santa” package, now, it won’t arrive before Xmas, but it will be awesome!

So even if you look at the leaderboard and think you haven’t got a chance, throw an entry in there so you can be in the running for this package!






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