Dion Waiters Tournament Recap

Holy upset Batman! This tournament saw a four-way tie for 1st place, each with 28 kills! While we still have to finalize a couple of things it looks like the following four players are each going to take home $336.25


These two missed the mark by 1 with 27 kills; they’re going to take home $87.50 each.

What would you buy with $336.25 worth of winnings? I’d probably pick up a new chair or maybe a headset. $336.25 goes even further if you spend it on Aliexpress, who doesn’t need 18kg of bouncy balls?

If you missed out on this Tournament, don’t fret! We’re running a $1000 COD Blackout tournament (PC) until Friday night, brought to you by JNX. Currently, first place is a two-way tie with 21 kills. If you get to 22 not only will you take 1st for yourself, you’ll break two hearts in the process.

Get in there now!
COD Blackout Tournament

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