Can you beat Dion Waiters at Fortnite?

This week we’re running a Fortnite Tournament with $2500 up for grabs, even better though, Dion Waiters of the Miami heat is competing as well.

If you check out the leaderboard, Dion is on there as “locwaiters” and at the time of writing he’s sitting in 60th place, though he’s assured us he’s just getting warmed up.

Our current leader is aigleroyal14 with 23, followed closely by rodzian with 22 and with TD_Crystal and BileGaming tied for third with 21. There are still 23 open cash spots yet unclaimed and loads of time to unseat the current leaders.

First place is $750 and with only 23, it’s definitely up for grabs.

Can you beat Dion? Or better yet, can you beat aigleroyal14?

Here’s a clip of Dion’s first round, there’s more to come!


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