Fortnite Battle Royale Squad Play now on GamerzArena, $500 Prize Pool + and additional $500 Solo Play Thanksgiving Contest

You asked and we listened! With the success of our recent week long “Battle for $1000” event we wanted to allow gamers to jump right back into the fray. Based on community response, we are hosting both Solo play (Most Kills), and Squad Play (Most Combined Kills). These contests will have a pot of $500 each, and as of Wednesday 11/22/2017 there are four days left to make an entry which means you’ve got the entire Thanksgiving break to give it a go

Fortnite BR Squad Play on GamerzArena: How it Works


While we’ve covered the Fortnite Battle Royale (Solo Play) details and rules for GamerzArena, they are in fact different for the rule-set applicable to Squad Play and our Squad Play Contest. Make sure you read and understand our Fortnite Squad Play Rule-Set before beginning your Entry.

  • Select Match Type: Squads > Play
  • Only The Squad Leader For A Squad Can Enter!
  • Prize To Be Split With Squad-mates At Squad Leaders Request, Post Contest!
  • You Can Only Be Squad Leader For 1 Squad! You May Enter With Other Squads If You Are Not Team Leader On The Site!
  • Must Start Your Entry In The Pregame Lobby.
  • One Game Per Entry
  • You Must Show SQUAD Score for At Least 10 Seconds!
  • For Console Press Start To Bring Up Squad Scoreboard, Esc Or Tab For PC. Showing The Leaderboard Is Your Responsibility, Or Entry May Be Disqualified
  • If You Cannot Show Squad Scoreboard For PC, Note That In Feedback! This┬áMay Cause Processing Time To Occur!
  • No Glitching, Cheating, Or Boosting Allowed. We Will Check All Teammates!
  • Tip For Console Users: Show The Squad Scoreboard Leading With 1 Opponent Left. We Will Account For The 1 Kill If You Win!

Click image below to visit contests on the GamerzArena Home Site.


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