Day 3 Update: Fortnite “Battle for $1000” + How Score Ties are handled

Fortnite “Battle for $1000” Day 3 Contest LeaderBoard (scroll down for scoring explanation)


For those of you who haven’t tuned in to our week-long Fortnite contest, we just wrapped up day 3 and will be accepting entries until Sunday, November 19th. Fortnite “Battle for $1000” is the Fortnite contest you should be playing. Solo play for most kills, with cash prizes awarded to the top 50 contenders. Here’s an overview of current standings.

1st Place: ParallaxG

2nd Place: BravesHD

3rd Place (Tied): ItsBentleyTV, ImTheMyth

5th Place (4 Way Tie): rottha, zeeso92, GingerPop, Kimma47

9th Place (Tied): LukaPatuel_ , HomelesJaaKarhu

Full Leaderboard Available Here

How Score Ties Are Handled on the GamerzArena Platform

Scoring Tie, Leaderboard

As you may have observed on the Leaderboard overview above, there are ties at the 3rd, 5th and 9th positions. While this may cause some confusion, there’s actually a simple solution for how we handle score ties during competition. Here’s what you need to know. .

  1. Every contest on the GA platform has a pre-designated time length. It is not until contest close, that all scores become final and prize disbursement facilitated.
  2. While the prize pool, contest length, and number of open slots may vary,  GA designates a “base” prize for each position on the Leaderboard. If one person holds that slot then they are set to receive the full prize designated for that slot. If two people are tied for that slot, then the prize pool designated for that slot + the next slot down is split between them.
  3. Rules are different for each contest, but as of now, many of our contests (including our week-long Fortnite “Battle for $1000) have unlimited re-entries. This means that you can start a new entry as many times as you like.
  4. We don’t record scores lower than your best entry, so there is no risk to taking multiple shots at the top spot (Our top players have recorded 15 re-entries in this specific contest)
  5. “It’s not over until its over”. With new Gamers entering and re-entering, the leaderboard shifts all the time and so does the prize pool.

If you have any more questions regarding the contest, how to enter, or you want to chat about hosting your own contest on the GA Platform, feel free to shoot me a message via [email protected] . For our Live Chat and Available Contests, visit , and connect with other GA team staff and community members on our discord.

More contest info available here (Image Links to )


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