Fortnite “Battle For $1,000” Day 1 Details: What You Need To Know To Compete

Fortnite: Battle for $1,000 Day 1 Details

Today, 11/12/2017, officially begins our week long Fortnite Battle Royale Contest on GamerzArena. In order to compete and claim your share of the prize pool, there are few things you need to know especially if this is your first time on the GamerzArena Platform.


Entering a Contest Requires  a Twitch Profile


Don’t worry, this isn’t a popularity contest. Twitch streams are how we verify your score and validate contest entries, so they are required to compete. Start your stream once you’re logged in on GamerzArena and make sure to begin your entry once in the game lobby. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR SCORE FOR 10 SECONDS! We’re also asking all contestants to include GamerzArena.com “Battle for $1000” in their stream title.  If you don’t have a twitch it’s quick and easy to sign up, just use the button below. If you have more questions, click on the “unfamiliar with twitch” button.



The Top 25 scorers will receive Cash Rewards

Each contest has a total prize pool, and rules are specific to each one. For our week long Fortnite Contest we are breaking our prize pool up among the top 25 entrants. The #1 entrant makes off with the largest chunk, and each subsequent slot takes home a slightly lower prize.

This Contest has Unlimited Re-entries

Once you’ve paid your entry fee, you get unlimited re-entries. This means that for the complete contest duration (one full week) you can update your score. Don’t worry, we’ll only retain your highest score so have no fear of taking a second, third, or fourth go at the competition.

The More, The Merrier

More entries activates a larger prize pool. The more entrants, the bigger your potential take so be sure to invite your friends.

No Glitching, Cheating or Boosting

Any unsportsmanlike conduct will get you an immediate boot from the competition. We individually review each contest entry, so if we don’t catch it initially, we’ll catch it before you make the Leaderboard.

Tune In Live to our Contests

Click on the image below to tune in live to this contest, and several others.



May the odds be ever in your favor.

Direct Contest Link: https://gamerzarena.com/arena/fortnite/contest/kPzV




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