Call of Duty WWII: What we learned at E3

E3 has been the main subject of discussion when concerning anything gaming over the last few days. During the livestreams and panel discussions, the developers over at Sledgehammer games went into detail about some of the changes for the latest Call of Duty “WWII”. Of course it goes without saying that the wall running, energy weapons, and jetpack boosting seen in the franchises most recent iterations will be nixed but there are several other updates we wanted to be sure to mention, updates I feel make the Call of Duty franchise poised to tackle Battlefield, both in popularity and in gameplay.

Functional Lobbies (New Multiplayer Lobby)


The functional lobby is being introduced to Call of Duty: WWII. The “functional lobby” as I have affectionately named it, isn’t a new idea. Most recently seen in games like NBA 2k, it allows you to create more immersive experiences and limits the time players are spent waiting. In call of duty WWII they’ve gone the route of titling their
functional lobby “headquarters”. You can expect new ways to interact with other players in Call of Duty: WWII. During the E3 Coliseum panel discussions, multiplayer designer, Greg Reisdorf explained Call of Duty’s new social experience, called Headquarters. You can test weapons and your aim with the Firing Range, challenge players to 1v1 duels in a pit, and more.Headquarters will host up to 48 players at a time, and this new social space is where you’ll be hanging out while waiting for a match to start.

Objective Based Warfare

Call of Duty WWII is introducing a new asymmetric, objective-based mode called “war”. This new mode offers both teamwork and vehicles on a grander scale than ever before seen in the Call of Duty Franchise. This game mode seems set to rival Battlefield’s “operations” mode. In “war” you’ll start as either the allies or axis forces to
complete a series of different objectives, as either the attacker or the defender. After playing as one faction, you’ll switch sides and experience the mode from the other side of the battlefield.

Loadout changes

The create-a-class option present in past iterations of call of duty has been completely scrapped in favor of “divisions”. After you load into Headquarters post selecting the multiplayer mode, you’ll be able to “enlist” in one of the five divisions, each of which has its own weaponry.

Infantry: Assault rifle
Airborne: Submachine gun
Armored: Light machine gun
Mountain: Sniper rifle
Expeditionary: Shotgun
Sledgehammer has confirmed you’ll still be able to customize your weapon classes to fit your play style, despite the removal of Create-A-Class.

Scrapped Perks

Although perks have been around since Modern Warfare, WWII is completing replacing the system with basic training in tandem with the new divisions. Although this may sound a bit confusing, basic training is essentially a revamped perk system tied into the five divisions. Progression with basic training will unlock abilities that are division agnostic, meaning you can use those abilities in any division that you choose.

In addition to the abilities gained through basic training, each division will have it’s own unique skill sets which can be upgraded with challenges and progression in Division training. A great example would be, if you’re enlisted in the Mountain Division, the unique abilities you upgrade will only be available to use within that Division. If you’re intrigued, youtuber DooM Clan has a great breakdown on division and training


The iconic killcam shown at the end of every match has seemingly been replaced in favor of a highlighted moment from the match.


Call of Duty: WWII will have a private multiplayer beta from August 25-28 on PS4. A second beta will launch on September 1-4 for PS4 and Xbox One. The beta is a preorder incentive, so you’ll need to pre-order a copy of Call of Duty: WWII for a beta code.

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