What’s a teraflop, and what does it mean for Project Scorpio (Xbox One X) E3 Recap


With all the buzz surrounding E3, you may have already heard about the new powerful extension of the xbox one. The Xbox One X was revealed to have over six teraflops (significantly more than the Xbox One which has 1.31). What exactly is a teraflop? Simply defined, a teraflop is a unit of computing that represents a trillion floating-point operations per second.

Simply put, this translates to more flexibility for developers. The number of teraflops present in a system gives developers an idea of just how much computing power they have to play with. The more teraflops you have, the more floating-point operations you can perform per second. Developers are able to create larger, more complex virtual universes.

The teraflop, however, doesn’t equate to faster performance. There are other factors to consider such as GPU architecture, core speed, frame buffer size and speed, etc. Aside from this and 4k performance claims, we don’t have an accurate gauge on just how fast this new system will be how fast the eight cores will run, how much RAM it has and what GPU architecture it uses.

While the Xbox One X is the most powerful system we’ve seen to date, it is also the most expensive, with a price point of $499. Whether this will deter gamers or not remains to be seen. Everything depends on the strength of the games that are released, and whether the developers maximize the new hardware¬†to it’s maximum potential.

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