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Merry Gearsmas!

Seasonal Gears of War 4 action has finally arrived! As of December 16, the creative minds behind “The Coalition” have unveiled a plethora of fun holiday additions to the game we all know and love. This holiday DLC comes shortly after the reveal of two new maps: Glory and Speyer. Glory leaves a bit to be desired with its default-esk layout, but Speyer has quickly become a personal favorite of mine. Speyer provides plenty of heavy weapon drama, serving players with longshot snipers close to both initial spawn points and the RL-4 Salvo rocket launcher up for grabs in the middle of the high-rise.

For those of you who love spreading a little holiday spirit, get amped up for the Christmas-Gibbing festival that is taking over Gears! Available for 400 credits (earned in about 2-4 games), players are offered a new consumable “Gearsmas Pack.” These awesome gifts come straight from the man upstairs…Santa RAAM. Some of the presents you can receive include: 3 new holiday characters (Festive JD, Kait, and Swarm Drone), 24 new weapon skins (coming in the gingerbread, snowman, festive tree, and wrapping paper variety), and 1 commemorative Gearsmas emblem. On top of these spirited gifts comes the epic new game mode: Snowball Fight! Armed with Ice Boomshots, teams of 5 go head to head in exploding snowball TDM action. With COGs rocking Santa caps and the Swarm sporting reindeer antlers, its awful hard not to have a blast (Get it? Exploding snowballs) in this holiday event!

Want to show off your Gearsmas spirit? Give me your thoughts on this holiday event and comment your weapon skin load-out below! Looking for someone to play Gears with this holiday season? Add me on Xbox Live: Slessinger1921. See you on the battlefield!



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