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8 things you can do to dominate on Apex Legends

Top takeaways from AdamG33FPS‘s current winning round.

1. Run like Forest Gump.
You need to get to the fight to have a chance at the kill. Speed and mobility is your friend. When it doubt, jog it out.

2. Always keep the high ground.

Even if that means giving up a kill do not sacrifice your high ground for a quick kill, you’re not the only one out there with friends.

3. Recharge, recharge, recharge.

If you can recharge, recharge. You never know when that last little bit of shield is going to be the difference between getting a knockdown and getting knocked down.

4. Self-help before buddy help.

Make sure you’re up so you can help your buddy up. If you’re down then you’re no help to your squadmates.

5. A squad that is up, stays up.

Helping your buddies up before you continue fighting the enemy is more important than taking it to the other team.  You need their help and getting caught in a firefight might not leave you with enough time to get back to them before they expire.

6. No one left behind.

Just like your shield, you never know when having that little bit of an advantage will mean the difference in a gunfight. Your squadmates are your advantages. Don’t leave them behind.

7. Take it to them.

Long range kills are hard to come by. Don’t be afraid to get in and tango with the enemy. Often they’re trying to hang back anyways so they’re not expecting you to bring it to them.

8. Push the pace.

Everyone is going for kills, after all, that’s the name of the game. You need to push the pace so you’re on a level they’re not. More often than not you’ll see the opponent back into a defensive position at the moment of contact, rush them and you’ll find they’re looking for somewhere to hide or retreat out of.

If you push the pace you put yourself in a position to be lucky.



That’s it for now, just as I’m writing this protralciayt also put up a 22. That means that there’s a tie for 1st right now and it also means that a 23 is likely out there in one of you to take home 1st with.

Go push the pace and break some hearts by stealing their place on the Apex Legends Leaderboard.


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